Guy Walker Interview - Audio Transcript

Personally, before I started, having mum as one of my biggest role models I was like, oh cool, I’m gonna follow mum. And it takes you this many years to get to this position and this many years to get to this position. And on my station visits on my recruit course I met a lot of different firefighters that had so much to say about each position. Whether it be leading or qualified, SSO or SO. And they all share the same passion for their roles as mum does for hers. So it’s really gonna be interesting to see what path I decide to take. And the excitement of jumping on the truck and going out to the jobs every day, I want to just soak that up and enjoy that while I can. And I’d like to specialise, I’m unsure which unit in. Maybe high angle rescue or heavy rescue. But at the moment I just want to focus on getting on station and being the best firefighter I can. And I’ve always got some wise words of wisdom from mum whenever I need them. So watch this space.