Trudy Walker Interview - Audio Transcript

I think obviously we give diversity, but it’s also we think differently. A lot of guys are more mechanically minded and we think like this. Which is quite hilarious when it’s around a conversation at a dinner table, but when you’re at a job it’s good because you have someone giving you a different point of view, a different opinion, which is not always thought of. Some of us think, most people perceive we have a softer side. And some of us do. Some of us don’t have that. But the ones with the softer side can give that when it’s working with people. It’s also when you’re working with families when you’re at an emergency medical response. Some of us are small, so we can get in little holes where the guys can’t. Many times I’ve been up in a roof crawling on the rafters, because the other guys are way too big, and they’d either fall through or they wouldn’t fit.