The health of our people is our priority. A major barrier to good health outcome for women in Australia is women not prioritising health among their daily routines and commitments.

We asked MFB women to share their stories about their own health journeys so we could understand, and share resources and information about how women can look after their health.

By sharing these stories we make MFB and our community a healthier place for everyone.


Prioritising your health

Leading Firefighter Melanie Fox spoke about how she juggles the demands of being a firefighters, partner and mum to three children aged under nine. She said “it’s the little things we do for ourselves that count the most.”

Melissa (image 1).JPG

Getting your checks

Receptionist Melissa Costello shared her journey with breast cancer. She said “when I was diagnosed I didn’t understand the stages of cancer, and I didn’t know there may be a cure. But if it’s caught early, it is a treatable illness – like it was for me.”


Understanding people’s experiences

Lylah McPhee, Executive Assistant, shared how her health experiences have taught her that you can’t always see what people are going through. She said “you just have to be aware that you don’t always know what is going on in someone’s life.”


Making time for you

Station Officer, Sandy Hearn shared how exercise give her the mental and physical energy to juggle her commitments and support those around her. She said “for me, I take that time to reflect, plan mentally for the day ahead and prepare myself to give to everyone else."