MFB is actively committed to ensuring a positive and fair culture, and we believe that everyone deserves to be paid fairly and equally for their work.

There is a number of ways MFB celebrates the women in our workforce. On 8 March each year, millions of people across the globe celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) by highlighting the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. On this day, we recognise and hear from trailblazers who were pioneers in their fields, women who have made mind-blowing discoveries and from those who have overcome adversity despite the odds. We also learn and reflect on areas of gender inequality that still need attention, both on an international scale as well as closer to home, and governments, organisations, community groups and individuals make commitments to eliminating these through action. MFB is a proud supporter of IWD.

Another way we support equity is in our workforce is undertaking an annual gender pay gap review to ensure that men and women are equally compensated for their work.

While gender pay gap analysis is not a current legislative requirement for MFB, we are taking the initiative to explore the causes and to develop measures to close these gaps for everyone.

MFB is actively committed to ensuring a positive and fair culture, which acknowledges and builds on us being 'More Powerful Together'. International Women's Day and the regular analysis of gender pay gaps are important activities which drive this culture. The organisational, sector and community-wide benefits of these efforts should not be underestimated and help to dispel prevailing myths that MFB does not welcome women into our ranks.


MFB's overall gender pay gap is 2.69% - an outstanding result in comparison to the current national average of 14.6%, and the Victorian Public Sector gap of 12%, as per analysis from data taken at April 2018.


There are currently 78 serving women firefighters at MFB (which is 3.82% of all operational staff).

There are currently 192 non-uniform women at MFB (which is 49.7% of all non-uniformed staff).

In our last recruitment drive, 954 women applied to be a firefighter, totalling 14% of applications which is an increase from previous years. We are currently working through the applications for 2019