Guy Walker has not been a firefighter for very long, graduating as a new recruit in 2018. But he probably has a clearer idea of what the job requires than most new recruits, having followed in the footsteps of his mother, Trudy Walker. ‘I think I always wanted to be in MFB’, Guy reflects, ‘with Mum being my biggest role model and influence at home’.

Looking back, Guy remembers some of his earliest insights into life as a firefighter occurred around the dinner table when he was still in school.

Everyone would go around and say how their day was. We’d get to Mum and the smile would go ear to ear and she wouldn’t stop talking about it. Everyone would be quite envious that that was her day and we’d been at school, Dad had been at work. Not that we had bad days, but it just didn’t seem as exciting.

As a new recruit, Guy is busy learning the ropes. Beginning with an understanding of the organisation and the structure of MFB, new recruits then learn the foundation components of firefighting and fire dynamics, before starting drills.

While he has had the benefit of an MFB role model at home growing up, Guy recognises that MFB offers a whole range of opportunities and career paths to pursue.

‘I’d like to specialise’, he says, ‘but I’m unsure which unit in. Maybe high angle rescue or heavy rescue’. For the moment, however, Guy is happy to just soak it all up and learn as much as he can.  

For the moment, I just want to focus on getting on station and being the best firefighter I can. And I’ve always got wise words of wisdom from Mum whenever I need them.